Janice Media Inc.
a concierge-style media company.

Janice Media Inc works with the best talents anywhere for a fraction of big agency prices.

A little about
Janice Media Inc.

After decades of working in the publishing business, selling and creating marketing campaigns for hundreds of companies, we have learned the secrets of getting published, what makes a great advertisement and how to communicate with your customers.

Our years of experience and networking enable us to make the contacts and assemble a team uniquely suited for any marketing project. By working with talent that other large agencies use, we can get the best rates and quicker results, thus realizing the most benefit from your financial investment.

We combine all the elements of our expertise with the finest available talents to deliver the most professional and effective product. By managing the process directly, without red tape and a maze of departments, your projects are completed faster and changes are handled quickly and efficiently. We are able to deliver this level of proficiency because we have no overhead and can simplify the entire process by tailoring it to meet your specific needs.

Janice Media was created to provide clients with transparent, honest and trustworthy agency services in an expeditious manner. Janice Media is specifically designed to be a creative group with fresh ideas that is fun to work with while being economical. We look forward to counting you among our valued clients.

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PR, video, media buying and brand strategy – JANICE MEDIA has decades of experience to ensure your project stays within budget.


Photography, creative development, tradeshow booth creation, brochures, catalogs, POPs, POSs – we can make your project stand above the competition.


Web development, video-mercials, social media strategies – JANICE MEDIA has the team that can take your product to the next level.

Our expert team can provide a combination of any of these services:
  • Industry Overview Reports
  • Media Advertising Plans
  • Public Relations
  • Partnership Programs for Promotions and Sponsorships
  • Website Development and Optimization
  • Social Media Content, Placement, Measurement, and Monitoring
  • Trade Show Planning and Preparation
  • Photography and Videography
  • Editorial Liaison
  • Special Projects
  • Event Planning and Execution
  • Creative Development
  • Lead Analysis, Measurement, and Studies
Our Team

Janice Media provides exceptional and specialized talent uniquely tailored to each client's specific needs and distinctive market position. Unlike a traditional agency with a pre-set team, ours is formed after the branding and strategy have been determined. Our award-winning team members have decades of experience in their respective fields. Each team is created based on knowing our clients' needs are not set - but are growing and ever-changing. Concierge service means we pull together the best talent for your specific project.

We have have approximately 20 people working on projects at any given time. Everything is being managed through one outlet. It's a simple, open communication format that reaches into any category via our industry knowledge.

The Janice Media team utilizes a wide variety of experts,
including but not limited to the following:

PR Professionals | Media Buying Specialists | Graphic Artists

Copywriters and Content Providers | Web Designers

SEO and SEM Professionals | Photographers/Videographers

Research Specialists | Art Directors | Stylists | Models | Printers

Specialized Consultants | POP and Tradeshow Booth Designers


3540 Maplewood Ave. Mar Vista, CA 90066