Janice Media Inc.
a concierge-style media company.

Branding Services

A complete marketing plan can serve as the blueprint from which all related projects evolve. Formulating strategy is dependent upon knowing the market as well as the competitive landscape before any money is ever invested in marketing and advertising.


We use all forms of media in order to reach the greatest percentage of the target audience which leads to an increased overall awareness of your brand and greater website activity and, ultimately, more sales.


We take time to determine trade avenues as well as the best consumer direction for your brand.


"Thank you for your incredible dedication to the Thermador brand. The work that is produced is SUPERB. With you at the helm—this is what makes me look so good around here."
- Beatriz Sandoval-Maldonado, Director of Brand Marketing


3540 Maplewood Ave. Mar Vista, CA 90066